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Booklist with ISBNs


The School of Monsters series:

Polly and Buster series:

Book One: The Wayward Witch and The Feelings Monster

(Hardie Grant Egmont 2017) 9781760129019

Book Two: The Mystery of the Magic Stones

(Hardie Grant Egmont 2018) 9781760129026

Book Three: The Search for the Silver Witch

(Hardie Grant Egmont 2019) 9781760129033

Super Mooper series:

(With Fiona Harris and Scott Edgar)

Musical Markus (Five Mile 2017) 9781760406509

Nervous Nellie (Five Mile 2017) 9781760686493

Dramatic Dom (Five Mile 2017) 9781760406486

Giggling Gertie (Five Mile 2017) 9781760406516

Adventurous Abbie (Five Mile 2018) 9781760680459

Quiet Quinn (Five Mile 2018) 9781760680466

Our Australian Girl series:

A Lesson For Lina: Our Australian Girl (Penguin 2013) 9780143307037

Lina At The Games: Our Australian Girl (Penguin 2013) 9780143307020

Lina’s Many Lives: Our Australian Girl (Penguin 2013) 9780143307013

Meet Lina: Our Australian Girl (Penguin 2013) 9781742535234

Lina Stories bind-up (Penguin 2017) 9780143783770

Hey Jack! series:

Hey Jack! Star Of The Week (Hardie Grant Egmont 2015) 9781760124410

Hey Jack! The Extra-Special Group (Hardie Grant Egmont 2015) 9781760123826

Hey Jack! The Party Invite Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781760121785

Hey Jack! The NewTeacher (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781760121532

Hey Jack! The Toy Sale (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781760120535

Hey Jack! The Bravest Kid (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781742979885

Hey Jack! The Big Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781742976815

Hey Jack! The Best Party Ever (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742976808

Hey Jack! The Playground Problem (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742975436

Hey Jack! The Top Team (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742975429

Hey Jack! The Bumpy Ride (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742974484

Hey Jack! The Circus Lesson (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742974057

Hey Jack! The Lost Reindeer (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742973081

Hey Jack! The Worst Sleepover (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742973074

Hey Jack! The Worry Monster (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971407

Hey Jack! The New Friend (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971391

Hey Jack! The Winning Goal (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971285

Hey Jack! The Scary Solo (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971261

Hey Jack! The Robot Blues (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971278

Hey Jack! The Crazy Cousins (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971254


Billie Mysteries:

The Spooky House (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742976518

The Code Breaker (Hardie Grant Egmont 2013) 9781742976525

Playground Detectives (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781742979441

Strawberry Thief (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781742979960

Stolen Stash (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781760121136

Treasure Hunt (Hardie Grant Egmont 2014) 9781760122041

Billie B Brown series:

Billie B Brown The Honey Bees (Hardie Grant Egmont 2020) 9781760504991

Billie B Brown The Grumpy Neighbour (Hardie Grant Egmont 2020) 9781760501907

Billie B Brown The Hat Parade (Hardie Grant Egmont 2020) 9781760504984

Billie B Brown The Bully Buster (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742973111

Billie B Brown The Missing Tooth (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742973104

Billie B Brown The Copycat Kid (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971414

Billie B Brown The Pocket Money Blues (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971421

Billie B Brown The Deep End (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971438

Billie B Brown The Night Fright (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742971445

Billie B Brown, The Cutest Pet Ever (Hardie Grant Egmont 2012) 9781742970059

Billie B Brown, The Spotty Holiday (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781742970042

Billie B Brown, The Best Project (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781921848018

Billie B Brown, The Little Lie (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781921848001

Billie B Brown, The Birthday Mix-Up (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781921759796

Billie B Brown, The Big Sister (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781921759789

Billie B Brown, The Secret Message (Hardie Grant Egmont 2011) 9781921759581

Billie B Brown, The Perfect Present (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921759277

Billie B Brown, The Beautiful Haircut (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921690938

Billie B Brown, The Extra-Special Helper (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921690921

Billie B Brown, The Second Best Friend (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921564956

Billie B Brown, The Midnight Feast (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921564949

Billie B Brown, The Bad Butterfly (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921564925

Billie B Brown, The Soccer Star (Hardie Grant Egmont 2010) 9781921564932

(Billie B Brown and Hey Jack! are published in the US by Kane Miller)

Billie Adventures:

Billie's Underwater Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2015) 9781760124427

Billie's Great Desert Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2015) 9781760124434

Billie's Wild Jungle Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2015) 9781760124441

Billie's Yummy Bakery Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2016) 9781760124458

Billie's Animal Hospital Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2016) 9781760126902

Billie's Outer Space Adventure (Hardie Grant Egmont 2017) 9781760126919

Other children's novels: 

Angel Creek, by Sally Rippin (Text Publishing 2011) 978-192175805-8

Just One Wish, by Sally Rippin (Penguin 2009) 978‐0‐14‐330446‐3

Go Girl – Twin Trouble, by Sally Rippin (Hardie Grant 2009) 978‐192150268‐2

Elephant Mountain, by Janeen Brian (Penguin 2008) 978‐0‐14‐330328‐2

The Magic Mirror, by Sally Rippin (Lothian 2007) 978‐0‐7344‐0861‐7

My Best Friend is a Vampire, by Sally Rippin (Penguin 2006) 0‐14‐330239‐6

Barking, by Jenni Overend (Lothian 2005) 0‐7344‐0803‐X

The Shape, by Dianne Bates (Allen & Unwin 2000) 1‐86508‐353‐4

Twin Trouble, by Sally Rippin (Omnibus 2000) 1‐86291425‐7

What a Mess, Fang Fang! by Sally Rippin (Omnibus 1998) 1‐86291‐376‐5


Young Adult novels:

Chenxi and the Foreigner (Text Publishing 2008) 978‐1‐921351‐35‐8 

Leopard Skin (Lothian 2003) 0‐7344‐0477‐8


Picture books (illustrated only):

Big Sky Mind, by Whitney Stewart (Windy Hollow 2014) 9781922081339

(Published in the US as Meditation is an Open Sky by Albert Whitman)

Peeking Ducks, by Krista Bell (Windy Hollow 2010) 978-1921136450 

The Race For The Chinese Zodiac, by Gabrielle Wang (Black Dog 2010) 978‐174203123‐1

Mannie and the Long Brave Day, Martine Murray (A & U 2009) 978‐1‐74175‐886‐3

Me, Oliver Bright, by Megan de Kantzow (Omnibus Books 2009) 978‐1‐86291‐715‐6

Water Buffalo Boy, by SE Kang (Yeowan Media Korea 2008) 978‐89‐6168‐066‐0 

The Search of Fred Beany, by Kate Ryan (Lothian 2007) 978‐0‐7344‐1014‐6

The Rainbirds, by David Metzenthen (Lothian 2006) 0‐7344‐0886‐2

Becoming Buddha, by Whitney Stewart (Lothian 2005) 0‐7344‐0772‐6

What Makes Me Me, by Stacey McLeary (Lothian 2005) 0‐7344‐0802‐1

When It Is Time, by Stacey McLeary (Lothian 2004) 0‐7344‐0653‐3

The Really Big Food Project by SR (Curriculum Corporation 2004) 1‐86366‐582‐X

Too Many Monkeys, by Margaret Wild (Omnibus Books 2004) hardback: 1‐86291‐548‐2

Gezani and the Tricky Baboon, by Valanga Khoza (Allen & Unwin 2003) 1‐86508‐720‐3

Millie, by John Marsden (Pan Macmillan 2002) 0‐7329‐1129‐X

The Longest Noodle Ever, by Sally Rippin (Scholastic 2000) 1‐86504‐241‐2

A Baby Brother For Little Bean, by Sally Rippin (Scholastic 2000) 1‐86504‐235‐8

Fang Fang’s Chinese New Year, by Sally Rippin (Omnibus Books 1996) 1‐86291‐291‐2

Speak Chinese Fang Fang, by Sally Rippin (Omnibus Books 1996) 1‐86291‐290‐4


Board books for babies (written and series designed):

Where Is Baby? illustrated by Sally Rippin (Allen & Unwin 2008) 978‐1‐74175‐386‐8

Hush Baby Hush, illustrated by Craig Smith (Allen & Unwin 2008) 978‐1‐74175‐387‐5

What’s That Noise? illus. by Lorette Broekstra (Allen & Unwin 2008) 978‐1‐74175‐389‐9

Go Baby Go, illustrated by Ann James (Allen & Unwin 2008) 978‐1‐74175‐388‐2



Short and Scary (Black Dog Books 2010)

The ABC Book of Christmas (ABC Books 2009)

Kids Night In 3 (Penguin 2009)

Trust Me (Ford Street Publishing 2008)

Kids Night In 2 (Penguin 2005)

Edited (with Adrian Beck):

Total Quack Up! (Penguin Random House 2018)

Total Quack Up Again! (Penguin Random House 2019)

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