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More series by Sally for you to discover...


Billie B Brown is brilliant, brave and bold and perfect for your beginning reader. 

Click here for more details.


Jack is Billie's best friend and definitely deserves his own series!

Click here for more details.

Polly and Buster are best friends with one big problem: they live in a town where witches and monsters don't mix! Find out more here about this trilogy for 7+

P & B cover small.jpg

Lina was born in 1956, the year of the Melbourne Olympics and also the arrival of television!

Find out more about Lina here for 8+

Other books Sally has written...

Jelly  hates everything about her new life, until the day she and her cousins find something in the creek. From then on, life becomes much more interesting. For 8+ Find out more here.


Anna joins her father in Shanghai to study Chinese painting.

But when she meets Chenxi, the rebellious artist, things become complicated. 15+ Click here for details. 


Jackson and Sienna are twins but they are not at all alike! Read both sides of their story. For 6+ Find out more here


Penny has only moved to Australia and can't speak English yet and her horrible cousin Betty doesn't make things easier! Lucky her Nainai comes up with a little magic. 6+ Click here

Just One Wish.jpg

And a few she has illustrated too...

Big Sky Mind.jpg

Is your mind as slow as an elephant or perhaps as jittery as a monkey? Learn some fun mindfulness techniques that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. More here. 5+

Mannie and the Long Brave Day.jpg

Mannie is going on an adventure. She's taking her elephant Lilliput and her doll Strawberry Luca. And she hasn't forgotten her special box of secret things, just in case the adventure gets adventurous. 4+ More here

Gezani cover.jpg

Gezani has to deliver a bunch of bananas to his grandfather. But Tricky Baboon has other ideas! for 4+

More details here.

"Where is baby?

Under there!"

Series of four board books I have written, designed and illustrated


Every year Gleeson waits for the rainbirds to come and visit the park in the city. Honour Book CBCA 2007

The Rainbirds.jpg

Everyone said Millie was such a good girl. But was she?

CBCA Notable 2002

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