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Author photo by Sister Scout Studio

About Sally:

Sally Rippin is Australia’s highest-selling female author and has written over 100 books for children and young adults, many of them award-winning. Her widely popular books are beloved across the globe, and have sold more than ten million copies in eighteen countries. Currently, she is working on several books for children as well as adapting her work for the screen. Sally loves to write stories with heart and characters that resonate with children, parents and teachers alike.

About the Laureateship:

The Children's Laureate is appointed on a biennial basis and must be an Australian author and/or illustrator of children’s and/or youth literature, who is making a significant contribution to the children’s literature canon of this country.

The Laureate takes a leading role in the Australian Children’s Literature space, championing important issues affecting the entire industry, including educators, librarians, booksellers and publishers. The formation of strong international links with other Laureates also gives visibility to the work being done in Australia at international literary forums.

Sally says: "I was lucky enough to find it easy to learn to read when I first started school, but I know this is not the case for everyone. Some people may need extra support, especially if they are dyslexic, others may not be able to read traditional books if they are vision impaired. But this doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy stories. 

"There are so many ways we can access stories, from audiobooks to braille, and there are books for all types of readers, from comic books to novels.
My hope as Laureate is that children will be supported to access reading in the way that suits them most.

"During my two years as Laureate I will be travelling around the country to meet with parents, teachers and librarians, as well as lots of children, too, to chat about all the ways we can share stories and support kids who might struggle to learn to read." 

Find out if Sally will be at an event near you!

Visit the official Australian Children's Laureate page.

Here is my publisher's website if you wish to purchase any of my books.
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