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Billie B Brown

illustrated by Aki Fukuoka


Billie B Brown is everyone's best friend. Launched in 2010, Billie has fast become a firm favourite on kids bookshelves around the world with over five million copies sold in eighteen countries. 

Billie is a strong role model for girls who would rather be complimented on their brains or strength than their looks, but still know how to rock a tutu - provided they can team it with boots.

Sally wrote the Billie books when her own son was struggling to learn to read. Using accessible vocabulary, simple sentence structure and relatable characters, the Billie series is the perfect confidence-builder for kids looking to graduate from school readers to chapter books.

There are  25 books in the Billie series sold separately or in bind-ups. There are also six books in Billie Mysteries which are longer and more complex than the original series and six Billie Adventures for pre-schoolers.

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